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{February 17, 2009}   Journalism…hmm..what is that?

Journalism… Very interesting and tricky notion.

For different people journalism means different. For citizens of the state it’s one what we call mass media; for Government employee – the way to communicate with nation; for show business it’s one of the major braches to promote itself; for journalists – their life.

What can we say if a little child ask what does jounalism mean? Here we can use lots of terms and definitions, but easily and very importantly we suppose to give a notice that the primary idea of journalism is the truthful information about what is going on in the world in order to make us free and self-governing.


{February 9, 2009}   Love tree!!!

Hi! Guys, could you please visit this page:

This is the love tree for my boyfriend!

Thank you very much!

{February 9, 2009}  

Yesterday was one of the greatest days of my life!!!


Yesterday te team-building of all organization was held. We have been running outside the KIMEP campus solving different riddles at the first part of day and then after a frugal launch we have been playing. It was great!And my team had the best team-builder!

Those who missed this team-building lost much!


Today is Saturday, it’s about 11 am and I don’t sleep!Terrible=)

I used to sleep at this time on weekends, but…today was the presentation of Mobile future of 3G in Kazakhstan.

Have you ever heard about this?Probaly no, because, for example, I had not heard.

As I wrote before, now I’m busy with my internship. And I have to distribute the information about the festival that will be organized by Beeline mobile company. Soon you’ll see products of my working but for now I haven’t got any idea)

{February 4, 2009}   Internship

Good morning! Today is…Wednesday, 4 and it’s my first day for internship.

I hope everything will be ok,’cause I’ll have to work in this company for 4 months…


hmm…there sre so many similar things between different nations…

I have a boyfriend of another nation, even another language…I do not mean kazakh))He is english-speaking…and he’s from far far away from here…but any way he is the same womaniser as all of our guys)))

{February 3, 2009}   Hello

still nothing to say..)

ok…I have 2 say something…it’s great whether today!!!

When I’d just woke up I didnt have a good mood, but now….IIIhhhaaaa!!!

{January 22, 2009}   Hello world!

Hey guys!

How is it going?It’s my first blog and I don’t really understand what I have to write here=)

Any way nice to meet all of you!Have fun, guys!

et cetera